The ADVG Hex Dumbbells are a sleek design, with steel knurled contour grips they are the optimal size at each weight. Whilst they maintain maximum durability, they are the toughest type of dumbbells going. 


-Anti-roll design

-Cast interior

-Rubber outer coating to protect floors

-Rubber coating minimises noise

-Contoured knurled grip

-Available sizes:

2 X 1kg

2 X 3kg

2 X 5kg

2 X 7.5kg

2 X 10kg

2 X 12.5kg

2 X 15kg

2 X 17.5kg

2 X 20kg

2 X 22.5kg

2 X 25kg

2 X 27.5kg

2 X 30kg

2 X 32.5kg

2 X 35kg

2 X 40kg


*Please note that parcels weighing over 30kg will be delivered separately, please allow 24 hours before contacting us .

Hex Dumbbell Pairs 6-80kg